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Know the Six Key Skills?

In a nutshell, the Memory Sisters, Allison and Gillian - show coaches like you how to make the ultimate shift from where you are now – feeling uncertain about the latest brain and memory knowledge -

to being the one with the expertise to help your clients push back against brain overload

with ways to recall dates, names, and other memory let-downs

jeopardizing their

daily lives and productivity ....


You'll inspire memory confidence in others while increasing your cash flow.


This series will change your life.


You'll find everything you need here

to create a profitable asset in your business.

Your workshops, lectures, talks and seminars will feature the latest memory strategies that you can sell over and over again.


You'll be a Memory Expert.

Is this training right for you? Let's find out....

TIP:  Whether you're updating a finished course or finding out about the brain and memory for your own personal use ..... these six, easy-to-use modules will be your pathway to success.


The series provides a step-by-step process for the entire memory and brain journey — from new information, to planning and choosing the ready-made programmes that most fit your needs . . .  with no heavy technical language and no stone left unturned.  You’ll become an authority on building memory confidence; on fighting brain overload at work; on taking back memory control in daily life. Need customizable resources and presentations for different audiences? Ready-to-play one-off seminars? Or how to conduct a 4-part series for a class? – This series is jam packed with all the answers!!

Relatable teachers

Allison and Gillian are coaches themselves and know how to teach what works. They are known for their patient, personable, detailed - yet simple - style that does not assume anything, and they both deliver the necessities YOU need to achieve. 
There is no getting lost or missing something out.  

Both highly qualified, they KNOW about memory, the brain and the business of coaching brain fitness. They are with you in the course and on live Q &A's!


It can be lonely out there in the online and coaching world! Sometimes you just want to share a win... or a fail... or a burning question.  Who better to do it with than the people who are doing this course with you? You will help make the Brainfit® Academy one of the best and most useful groups for all of us.


1 x 60 min 1:1 Coaching Session

We'll do a walk-through of your chosen course, how it will complement your current sessions and options for implementation. We want you to succeed in this venture! Bring your questions and tap into our expertise. No high-tech overwhelm here! (Valued at $397)

1 x set of 4 Brain-Exercise Videos

We'll give you 4 ready-to-use short videos that are fun to do and demonstrate to your groups exactly how the brain is working and what needs to happens to gain memory improvement. You’ll be an expert in the eyes of your audience! (Valued at $499)

3 x eBooks from Lamont & Eadie

These will become your go-to handbooks for the course and give you hundreds of tips, strategies, brain challenges, anecdotes to share with your groups. You'll get top tips on what to do and what not to do. You’ll understand even more about how to express what can be complex neuroscience terminology in everyday, accessible language. And that’s what we all want! (Valued at $97)

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