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You don't need to be a neuroscience professor to be a Brainfit® Coach (but it doesn't rule you out if you are!)

 We'll make you a community memory expert.

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Why come to the Brainfit® Academy?

Do you enjoy helping other people?

Have you got a passion for the brain and memory, how they 'work', what can go wrong and how to help others improve?

Are you looking for a way to give back to your community, using skills you've gained in your career already?

Would you like the freedom and flexibility to manage your own business doing something you love?

Interested in being part of the Brainfit® team of accredited coaches who meet virtually each month, empowering others to take control of their brain health?

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Your new career as an Accredited Brainfit® Coach is waiting for you!

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Our founders, Dr Allison Lamont & Gillian Eadie, together with Memory Experts, guide you step-by-step through how to improve memory and what's happening in the brain.


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Brainfit® Coach with visuals, marketing collateral, templates, updates and responses to class queries. 


Brainfit® Academy is
with you all the way whether you are joining us for personal interest or during your life as an
Accredited Coach


We know our training is second-to-none and with the support of the Brainfit community, we know you will have all you need for your new career.

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Introduction to Brainfit® Coaching

Hear from Gillian Eadie, one of the Brainfit® founders and former CEO (until April 2024) how to become a community memory expert.


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For over 15 years, the world-recognized Brainfit® system has helped CEOs, executives, students and achievers of all ages to improve memory strategies and brain performance. 



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