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At Brainfit® World we are cognitive wellness educators who offer a range of online and face to face training programmes as well as books and support resources that empower people to take control of their cognitive health, regardless of age. Our evidence-based programmes educate people about how memory works and how to keep it sharp with practical strategies to help avoid memory loss, brain overload or burnout.

The focus of our programmes is on improving the way your brain and memory performs in everyday life thanks to a range of memory strategies developed from Allison’s research, which are taught and practiced either face to face in our classes or online via a variety of fun activities.
Brainfit®World now trains people like you to bring the gift of memory confidence to others using easy-to-coach, practical strategies and memory techniques that change lives.

Our Vision:
To build a world where cognitive wellness is as valued, understood and cultivated as physical health, empowering individuals to thrive personally and professionally.

Our Mission:
To be the leading partner in cognitive wellness by empowering people to harness their full potential through evidence-based programmes that give them the knowledge to take control of their brain health journey, regardless of age.

Our Values:
Empowerment – We empower our clients and coaches to thrive.
Integrity – We operate with honesty and transparency in all our interactions, ensuring that promises made are promises kept and we will treat everyone as equals regardless of their background, beliefs, or cognitive abilities.
Innovation – We embrace innovation and creativity in developing the best possible coaching methods, tools and resources whilst adapting to evolving knowledge sources.
Collaboration – We foster collaborative environment where clients, coaches and other specialist areas experts work together as partners to achieve cognitive enhancement goals.

Developed by our Founders ‘The Memory Sisters’- Dr Allison Lamont and Gillian Eadie, our Brainfit® programmes draw on the internationally acclaimed age-related memory loss research by clinical psychologist Dr. Allison Lamont whose Brainfit® programmes have supported more than 18,000 people, aged 22-96 on their brain health journey to date.

We are all on a mission:

Training Brainfit® Coaches

& Improving  Memory.

  • 24/7 technology is causing information overload and the human brain is struggling
  • Worried people everywhere need strategies to think and remember well
  • There’s a ‘brain revolution’ going on – and you need to be part of it! 
  • Your future class members are losing keys, forgetting names, losing concentration? These are all signs of 'brain overload'. 
  • As an Accredited Brainfit® Coach, you can change that!


Your Brainfit® Expert Team

The Brainfit® System is supported by eminent neuroscientists and the latest research. As an accredited Brainfit® Coach, you have access to their expertise.

So, if you are passionate about cognitive wellness and you would like to help us to champion lifelong cognitive vitality and resilience in your community, please contact us today!

Here's where you begin:

The Brainfit® Academy

The most comprehensive way to understand memory.

The first step in becoming a Brainfit® Coach is completing the 'Your Memory Matters: Know the Six Key Skills' module. It's the only implementation programme of its kind. It uses accessible, easy-to-understand language to show you exactly how your memory ‘works’ and what you need to do to keep it sharp regardless of age.

By the end of the first section, you will have:

  • Nailed down your own memory skills and know how to help others (instead of spending yet another year just thinking about it)
  • Reinforced your knowledge through a multi-choice quiz at the end of each module
  • Gained a practical understanding of the latest research into memory so you can confidently share your knowledge, knowing that you have Brainfit® World's expert team right behind you all the way.
  • Understood the 'trigger points' of brain overload and the steps your class members can take for optimal brain and memory performance.
  • Completed the first step in the Brainfit® Coach training. Yay!

Complete all three Brainfit Academy modules:

Your Memory Matters, Your Amazing Brain and The Business of Brainfit® Coaching

These three will give you knowledge and confidence  - the foundation of your career as an Accredited Brainfit® Coach.

What Do Others Say About the Courses?

Having done the course, I now have a better appreciation of the functionality of the brain and how things tie together. My realisation is that now I see the brain as the cornerstone in its relationship to all of these other areas in our lives and that it plays the most significant part.  Our entire life, activities, environment and attitude has an impact on our brain whether we accept it or not, but we can do something about it before it’s too late. An example of this is (unhealthy) work environments and how they impair mental capabilities and yet the same work environments require us to use our brains productively. To me this is a paradox. We need to work smarter yet we have a potential environment that works against us and our brains (and our overall wellbeing).

Craig R.

Before embarking on this training, I thought I knew a reasonable amount about the brain given my experience and training. Very quickly however, it became clear I had a huge amount to learn and get my head around (no pun intended). The single biggest aha moment for me came very early on when I discovered that we could influence 3 of the 4 causes for brain aging which excited and relieved me no end on a personal level but also professionally thinking how invigorating that fact alone could be for future attendees at my classes. I also found it astonishing that is was only 15 years ago that it was proven that brain cells can regenerate throughout our lives (neuroplasticity). It now makes more sense why so many people still believe that brain aging and “senior moments” are inevitable.

Jude W.

Everything was very interesting I was believing like many people that forgetfulness is part of getting old but what I studied in this course explained to me a lot of things that I did not understand. Specially neuroplasticity. In Saudi Arabia most elderly people attend religious school for two hours five days a week to memorize Muslims holy book (Quran) and to meet their friends and enjoy their time. I was always thinking about how these people could memorize the Quran, they usually need between one to two years to memorize more than 600 pages (they keep it by heart) and my mother in law is one of them. She started to memorize at the age of 70 and ended at the age of 72 and I always told myself it may be because older people were born and lived in quieter communities without the internet or maybe because of their food (because they didn't eat fast food like generation these days)…….but now I understand how they did it and how astonishing our brain is. They are challenging their brain daily by learning something new and they are reviewing their memorized passages. They stay physically active because usually they go to those schools on foot also, they interact with people daily and all these steps are very important to maintain brain health and I think it's a good proof that healthy brain connections and neurons continue to grow right until the end of life if there is something for them to do.

Rima A.

The whole area of neuroplasticity interests me. I was aware of the fact that the brain could rewire itself prior to do the Brainfit® Academy course but I have really enjoyed learning exactly how it does it. I have also enjoyed accumulating a variety of tips and tricks to aid memory - and using them in a practical setting. I taught a friend of mine the keys in the non-dominate hand trick and he now swears by it. My memory for names has improved exponentially and I that in turn means that I am able to connect with people more quickly. It’s also interesting to observe other people struggling to remember my name – I’ll normally feed it back to them after I’ve been called ‘mate’ four or five times (-:

Tim W.

The most interesting part for me was finding out about the different aspects of memory and the range of brain areas involved in processing memories.  It has been quite fascinating.

The skill of remembering names linked to faces will be important for classes.  I enjoyed learning about the brain’s amazing abilities from a medical perspective.

Michael L.

I liked finding out the basics behind the course and the all-important memory. I like biology and I liked finding out how we make a memory, very interesting. We got a taste of real people and the answers they give to the same question. I was able to see how everyone answers things differently and how diverse we all are.

Victoria F.

I have found all of modules very interesting and sometimes really amazing.  How memories are made and that it can continue learning, for me, was the most exciting because it gave me hope for improving my own memory skills and to learn new things.  I did not know that brain neurons kept on growing and had been disappointed that my education started so late in life – but now the world is my oyster so to speak. To actually remember my cell phone number is still giving me a buzz all these weeks later.  My goal is to learn my children, parents and siblings phone numbers and the thrill is I KNOW I can. Focus, Connect, Rehearse - it has become a mantra.  

Now I know how to remember the challenge is now, how to think, for example in the question on how many squares where shown in the cube I saw 22. I was quite confident until I learned the answer!

Dianne L.

So, if you are passionate about cognitive wellness and you would like to help us to champion lifelong cognitive vitality and resilience in your community, please contact us today!


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