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Brainfit® courses can be taken individually or as a series. Most people want to know more about memory and the brain for themselves, for family members or to enhance courses they are already coaching. If this is you, then you will probably focus on the first two sections. We love sharing our knowledge in this way.

If you are taking your interest further so that you can become an Accredited Brainfit® Coach, you'll need to complete a further section relating to the Business of Brainfit® coaching. 

Here are the three sections:

1. Your Memory Matters: Know the Six Key Skills (6 Modules)

Each of the six modules covers the essentials you need to know about how the memory process works, the critical elements for success, what needs to happen to improve performance, strategies across the six key skills and practice exercises to increase productivity, memory confidence and how to avoid brain overload.
The Modules:
1. Essential Memory Types - Part One
2. Essential Memory types - Part Two
3. Essential Memory types - Part Three
4. The Keys to Successful Remembering
5. Long-term Memory and Research
6. Putting it All Together

2. Your Amazing Brain (6 Modules)
Knowing how memory works leads naturally in understanding what is happening in the healthy brain, the parts of the brain involved in memory (and what happens when things 'go wrong'), the importance of lifestyle factors in improving brain and memory performance and current research into the brain and preventing the symptoms of dementia.

1. Your Brain - an Overview
2. The Neuron
3. The Magic of Neuroplasticity
4. Lobes of the Brain
5. Lifestyle Essentials for the Brain
6. What About Dementia?

3. The Business of Brainfit® Coaching (10 Modules) Your Business-in-a-Box for your own small business that helps others improve brain and memory performance.

Included in this class is the signature 'Brainfit® for Life' series of four classes to offer your customers with all of the visuals, transcripts, digital files, logos and a teaching manual. This fantastic course has been trialled and applauded by thousands of happy customers and I know your classes will love it too.

You'll cover:

1. Who will buy your classes?
2. Why will they enrol?
3. Coaching brain fitness
4. Managing your classes
5. Networking and marketing
6. Your publicity campaign
7. Speaking is selling
8. Rights and responsibilities
9. Setting up your systems
10. Preparing for your first class


If you are already trained and working as a coach, teacher or other instructing occupation, you will find the first two classes essential for updating current courses you are offering. There are also ready-to-go presentations for purchase, once you have the brain and memory basics.

Most trainee Brainfit® Coaches also complete the third section of training as it has a wide coverage of the business essentials of your new venture. This section also provides the digital resources you need for conducting the Brainfit® for Life classes you will be offering to your clients.  

Each of the classes contains modules which you access online. There is video and transcript content with multi-choice questions after each module. You will need to answer these 100% accurately to move on to the next module. (We have done this so that you will be already practising an excellent memory technique - repetition!)

You can contact us with queries on the way through and we are always on the look-out for your comments and responses.

On completion of each major class, a certificate of completion will be emailed to you.

If you decide to offer Brainfit® classes yourself, you will need to devote time to annotating the presentation slides to help you with key points as you are leading your own classes. With The Business of Brainfit® Coaching you receive a range of marketing materials, digital resources and access to the private Forum for coaches. You are also invited to join the regular Zoom meetings with other Coaches where decisions are made and any issues arising can be discussed.


Once you purchase the courses and materials, complete the training and agree to the Code of Compliance, you are free to use the resources.

If you wish to maintain your support, updates and connection with the network of coaches, an annual membership fee of $450NZD applies. The benefits of this membership include:

  • Full use of the all Brainfit® resources
  • Marketing collateral updates and templates
  • On-going neuroscience updates
  • Access to neuroscience expertise in brain and memory matters with our scientists
  • Promotion of your classes through the monthly newsletters and emails to the database
  • Your own page, video and information on the website,
  • Referrals and speaking opportunities as they arise
  • Access to latest research via the Private Facebook Forum for Accredited Brainfit® Coaches

International memory expert, Dr Allison Lamont, will conduct your training for modules relating to the brain and memory.

Experienced educator and Managing Director of Brainfit® Ltd and the Memory Foundation, Gillian Eadie will lead the sessions related to your life and career as a Brainfit® Coach.

Both Directors contribute to your study modules. Gillian is an experienced educator and delighted to be training students to become outstanding Brainfit® Coaches. You are welcome to discuss the course directly with your course tutor before you enrol. Simply email us and we’ll arrange this for you. or call Gillian on +64 21 243 9580.

All of our Brainfit® options are for people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities with an interest in the brain and how memory works. We welcome all trainees whether you aspire to become a Brainfit® Coach or because you have an interest in brain and memory matters.

Dr Lamont and Gillian Eadie will fully support you as you complete the study with any questions you may have.

The course is extremely enjoyable and includes lots of valuable, stimulating and challenging practical tasks as well as the essential theory you need.

Computer, desktop or laptop (the laptop is essential if you are running classes later as a Brainfit® Coach)

  • Email account
  • Broadband connection
  • Adobe Acrobat (Download Here)
  • Microsoft Word and PowerPoint
  • Printer
  • Zoom free download ( )
  • Good understanding of written and spoken English
  • A lively interest in the brain and how memory ‘works’.

By completing these three sections, you will be not only be  improving your own memory performance, you will be well-equipped to launch your career as an Accredited Brainfit® Coach.

Each person who enrolls in one of your classes will be investing in your knowledge and skills – and will want your skills to be the best in the business! The Brainfit® System can give you that confidence. You will soon become known as a memory expert.

  • Your Memory Matters: Know the Six Key Skills (6 Modules) $1055.00USD
  • Your Amazing Brain and How it Works (6 Modules)  $1055USD
  • The Business of Brainfit® Coaching (6 Modules) $1055.00USD
  • One-to-one coaching with Gillian Eadie after completion for coaches via Zoom - POA


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