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Gillian Eadie and Dr Allison Lamont are sisters and Founders of Memory.Foundation®  and Brainfit®  Academy

Jeanie, their mother, had Alzheimer’s. After feeling the devastating impact Alzheimer’s had on their own family, Gillian and Allison determined to urge people in their 50′s and 60’s (when brain skills are still intact) to build a buffer of new brain connections to protect them against memory loss later in life.

Dr Allison Lamont, Gillian Eadie & Jeanie

Gillian Eadie

M.Ed, BA, DipTchg, LTCL, Churchill Fellow, HFNZIITP

Gillian Eadie is an award-winning educator whose career includes speech pathology, teaching and 20 years as a school principal in prestigious private schools. Still with The University of Auckland, Gillian established the Memory.Foundation with her sister, Dr. Allison Lamont. She is the editor of Memory News, worked with developers on the Foundation’s neuro-games and she travels widely to address groups about the importance of protecting and enhancing memory skills beyond the age of 50.

Dr Allison Lamont

PhD (Psych), MA (1st), CPsychol (BPS), NZAC, NZPsS, APS, ASSBI.

In 2008, Dr Allison Lamont, PhD, published her ground-breaking research into age-related memory loss. There was world-wide interest in her findings and she has since addressed conferences in Atlanta, Edinburgh and New Zealand. She identified six key areas of memory skills that were pivotal in maintaining a confident, active and independent lifestyle in later life and it is these that form the basis of the Memory.Foundation’s brain tools. This knowledge needs to be shared!

Messages from the Founders

'I am committed to ensuring that baby boomers and seniors have all the information and knowledge they need about memory and the brain. Too many of my friends have parents and relatives who are suffering the consequences of memory loss. It is a tragedy to see people losing their jobs, losing interest and unable to manage their own lives. This does not have to happen to you!'

Gillian Eadie

 'Your memory is a living part of you that can grow and expand to meet the demands you make of it. Now is the time to build your memory resistance, the ‘cognitive reserve‘ you need to have as a buffer against forgetting and other signs of memory loss that occur without intervention. Just as you know you need to keep physically fit to be healthy, so your brain needs exercise, too.'

Dr Allison Lamont
 (Where we live: close to St Heliers Beach, Auckland, New Zealand)

Memory Foundation® & Brainfit® Academy live in clean, green New Zealand

Gillian and Allison have addressed international conferences and their books have sold in 40 countries. Seven Second Memory was a top ten best-seller and the handbook 7-Day Brain Boost Plan is now in its third reprint. 

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